Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will inform you on the data we collect and how we use it.

I have tried to make it as clear and concise as possible in the text below. However, I also use a service called "Iubenda" that generates a full privacy policy for me.

You can read that full policy by clicking the button below, or you can opt for my own version with explanations in my own words

Privacy Policy

What data do we collect

We, in this case this website and Geert, the owner of the website, collect data to operate this website.

Our Cookie policy handles the cookie-part of the website, which we will describe on a separate page for your convenience.

Aside from the cookies, this is the data we collect:

  • Your e-mail address if you subscribe to our newsletter or buy access to the course
  • Your name if you buy access to the course
  • Login information if you buy access to the course and create a login
  • Usage data
  • Device information


Why do we collect data and how is it used?

We collect data to provide you the services offered on this website. Soma data will be automatically collected (usage data), other data will be provided by you (e-mail address, name, login information).

We use and collect information to:

  • Provide, improve and securely deliver our services, like the course if you requested access to it.
  • Send you transactional and relationship messages. This is for example the e-mail newsletter we will send if you subscribe to it. We only send those messages when you opted in to receive them.
  • Maintain this website, protect it and improve it


Some information is given on an optin basis. You can for example perfectly use this website without providing us your e-mail address. Other information is required. We can for example not give you access to the course without you providing some information like your e-mail address.


We however only ask the information that is strictly necessary to provide you with the service you’ve requested.


Data Retention

We retain personal data for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed, unless applicable law requires storage for a longer period of time. If you subscribe to a newsletter, we will for example keep your e-mail address for as long as you’re a subscriber. When you unsubscribe, your e-mail address will be deleted within 3 years (or sooner if you request us to delete it). If you become a customer and buy access to the course, we will retain your information (the fact that you bought access) for at least 10 years. This is necessary to continue to give you access should you want to repeat the course a couple of years from now. Here too, you can of course ask us to delete your information sooner (but be warned, then we can no longer grant you access to the course in the future).

Right to change or delete data

If you want, you can always contact us and ask us to delete or change your data. Please use the contact options on this website and reach out.

Third Party services

Because I’m just a guy and not a big company, I have to rely on third party services to operate this website and the services I offer. Here’s a breakdown of who I use and for what:

Newsletter: When you sign up to our newsletter, we ask for your e-mail address so we can send you the newsletters. Your email address is stored on the secure servers of our third party providers (Infusionsoft, Drip, Ontraport) whose privacy policies can be found by clicking on their names. These companies use very strict privacy and security standards.

Course: if you start the course, we will store your email address at Infusionsoft, Drip or Ontraport to deliver you the course. Your payment will not go through our website and we do not see or store your payment details. We use PayPal and ClickBank to process the payments. You can read their privacy policy by clicking on their names. If you start the course, you will also be asked to create login details to access that course. Your e-mail address and your password will be stored on our server (in an encrypted format).

Videos: If you watch a video on this website, we will be using a third-party video player. This can be Vimeo, YouTube or Wistia. In order to deliver the video, these companies will collect some data in accordance with their privacy policies which you can read by clicking on their names. Where possible we’ve used the privacy-enhanced version of their player so as little information is collected as needed.


The website: if you surf on this website, we may use services like statcounter and VWO to measure usage data. For example how many visitors a webpage has. VWO is also used to show you the most appropriate version of a page, for example a page created for mobile instead of the desktop version if you are using a mobile device. Our website also uses a service called Cloudflare to protect the server against malicious attacks and bots.


If you have questions about this privacy policy, feel free to reach out using the contact options available on the website.